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Various performance videos during the annual New Zealand tango festival Wellington.

Filming & Edit


This is an impression from The New Zealand Tango Festival 2012 by Frank Sew Atjon & Debbie Monigatti. Edited by Frank Sew Atjon/symbolizer. We like to thank Damian Thompson and Neal Meachen for the use of their performances footage. A special thanks to all the teachers and all the beautiful people at the festival for their participation.


These are the great teachers from teh festival: Cecelia Gonzalez, & Somer Surgit, Alicia Pons, Gustavo Rosas & Gisela Natoli, Fabio Robles & Ana Andre, Anibal Montenegro & Hosanna Heinrich, Alberto & Natalia Cortez

Tango Orchestra 4xTango


The Closer You Get, The Bigger I Look


Written for the Dyslexia Foundation of NZ by one of New Zealand’s foremost singer/songwriters, Don McGlashan, ‘The Closer You Get, The Bigger I Look’ is both inspired by the challenges of difference and celebrates the creative gift that dyslexia can bring.

The Foundation enlisted the help of Sean Donnelly to produce the song and roots/rock band dDub to perform it.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Himi Ratnakar & Frank Sew Atjon


Rare Shot Blue Feat. L. A. Mitchell - One Day


Music Video for Rare Shot Blue Feat. L. A. MitchellDirected by Himi Ratnakar / Frank Sew AtjonShot on Sony HDV Z1 and Letus Extreme.Edited on Final Cut Pro and Grading done on Apple Color.


It was a great experience working on this video as they were challenges of working in water with limited budget in the middle on winter in christchurch, New Zealand.


This is an impression from Summer Tango Nelson


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